Royal Jelly  is one of the most nutritious foods in nature, containing royal jelly acid, 12 kinds of 30 many kinds of amino acids, proteins, minerals, 16 more than 20 kinds of fatty acids, vitamins, trace elements and other essential nutrients (2-10 – hydroxy – delta decanoic acid, essential amino acids, protein, acetylcholine, biological active enzymes, nucleic acids and vitamins, trace elements, etc.) It can make the queen’s life more than 30 times longer than the worker bee. Royal jelly has been widely used to improve health.

Royal Jelly 1000mg 365 capsules

  • 1, can adjust all sorts of function of the nervous system: neural disorder returned to normal, especially for neurasthenia has significant curative effect, can quickly improve appetite and sleep quality, make the person spirit, completely improve the mental and physical qualities.

    2. Bidirectional regulation of blood pressure: lowering blood pressure in patients with hypertension and blood pressure in hypotension patients gradually tend to be normal.

    3. Anti-fatigue.

    4. It helps to inhibit multiple pathogens and cancer cells, delaying the life of cancer patients.

    Regulating endocrine, it has obvious effect on climacteric syndrome, sexual dysfunction, rheumatism and so on, but its hormone content is very few, the adult long-term take will not produce side effect.

    5. Coordinate gastrointestinal function and improve constipation condition.

    6. Repairing damaged liver cells and promoting the recovery of liver function, it has a good curative effect on infectious hepatitis, especially for non-jaundiced infectious hepatitis, which can be as high as 96.6 percent.

    Lower blood sugar.

    8. Anti-aging. In the royal jelly, you can find a kind of collagen substitute – gel. This collagen replacement is a powerful anti-aging component that helps keep the body (especially the skin) young and active. Therefore, royal jelly not only has the effect that prevents, treats the skin disease, also has the skin care effect, makes the skin lubricious, exquisite, is widely used in the cosmetics.

    9, royal jelly is very suitable for weak, low immunity, loss of appetite, insomnia, much dream, anemia, ulcers, frostbite, radiation and chemotherapy, and a large physical and mental workers and patients, recovering from eating.