Squalene is a natural substance extracted from the liver of large shark species in the deep ocean environment. Its structure was established in 1931 and its unique medicinal value has been closely watched. In Marine fish oil products, squalene is the only drug that recognizes the role of cancer prevention and is widely used in cancer patients.

Squalene USES an uncontaminated deep-sea shark liver as its raw material, which is refined and refined by modern technology. It retains the full activity of squalene. The life healthy squalene can increase the use ability of the body tissue oxygen, resist the various diseases caused by the lack of oxygen, and improve the human endurance, improve the heart function and enhance the physique. It has anti-cancer, protecting liver, anti-aging, repairing cells and so on.

1. Promote blood circulation: help prevent and treat diseases caused by poor circulation, such as heart disease, hypertension, hypotension and stroke.

2. Activating body function cells: to help prevent and treat diseases caused by hypoxia of functional cells, such as gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, enteritis, hepatitis, cirrhosis, pneumonia, etc. Comprehensive enhancement of the constitution, delaying aging and enhancing the immunity of disease (including cancer).

3. Sterilization: help prevent and treat the diseases caused by bacteria, such as cold, skin diseases, ear, nose and laryngitis. The capsule of the Tibetan liquid is the cartilage of blue shark, which is rich in nutrition. It can be contained in the mouth and slowly dissolve the capsule, which is good for the treatment of the larynx.

4. Repair cells and accelerate wound healing. Can be used, treat knife injury, scald and so on. When used, prick the capsule with a needle and smear it directly.

Squalene 1000mg 300 capsules